Bounty Fresh Group of Companies is currently one of the leading and fastest growing broiler integrator in the Philippines. The story started during the 1980s when the Chen family put up one layer house in Sta. Maria, Bulacan and loaded the first 5,000 heads of chicken. Today, Bounty Fresh Food Inc. ‐together with its sister company, Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. ‐ is one of the biggest and most reliable suppliers of value‐added chicken products, fresh-chilled chicken and table eggs to various hotels, restaurants, institutional food companies (HRI) as well as supermarkets and live bird markets nationwide. It has recently entered the food retail sector via its company‐owned rotisserie products, Chooks‐to‐Go.


Its fully‐integrated broiler operation includes Grand Parent farms, Parent Stock farms, Hatcheries, Dressing Plants, Feed Mills, and Cool‐cell Broiler Complexes.


From a 5,000‐head layer farm, the business grew to be one of the largest broiler integrators in the country. Bounty Fresh Group of Companies is the only fully‐integrated poultry company that has continuously invested in company-owned facilities – Grand Parent farm, Parent Stock farm, Hatcheries, Dressing Plants, Feed Mills, and Cool‐cell Broiler Complexes. The company operates more than a dozen hatcheries across the archipelago, four broiler complexes and ten feed mills serving the fast growing requirements of its broilers, layers and pigs. The newly opened Tarlac feed mill is considered the most modern in the  Philippines today.


To cater to the consumers in the various regions and islands of the archipelago, the company operates several branches across the country. These branches have their own hatchery, broiler farms, feed mills, processing plants and sales force to make available home‐grown live broilers and fresh‐chilled products to customers all the time. To do this, Bounty Fresh ties ups with business partners for contract growing, contract breeding, toll hatching, toll feed milling and toll dressing. Technical assistance and supervision, training, and transfer of technology are provided to its business partners to maintain product quality and consistency. It is also the first integrator in the country to contract grow colored chickens (Grimaud Frères breed of France) reared either free range or in conventional broiler houses.


Use of Technology in Operations


Early in its existence, Bounty Fresh Group of Companies has set its vision to become the least‐cost broiler producer in the Philippines and become the dominant player in the poultry industry that will cater to the needs of the local and international market. The Company has realized that to achieve its goal of balancing growth with efficiency and least cost production, it has to utilize state-of‐the‐art facilities that would meet international standards on quality, food safety and efficiency. Bounty Fresh is the first company in the Philippines that has invested on its own broiler farms at a larger scale; the first in South East Asia to put up solid wall, mini‐vent ventilation system in cool cell houses; and the first in the Philippines to use air‐handling unit instead of evaporative coolers to control the temperature inside a commercial broiler hatchery.


Bounty Fresh Food Inc. is the first company in the Philippines to put up a single‐stage commercial broiler hatchery. This state‐of‐the art technology ensures better hatchery sanitation with controlled ventilation that will in turn produce better chick quality. Its main processing plant is one of the few large plants in the country utilizing the latest technology which allows the company to supply its customers with safe quality products, along with the flexibility to offer value‐added and specialty products to meet customer specifications. For its packaging, Bounty Fresh is the only chicken producer that invested in using the latest tamper-evident packaging materials for packing whole chicken products as well as cut-ups and marinated products.


Health and Safety


Bounty Fresh Group of Companies with its commitment to consistently provide products and services, operates a HACCP approved, “AAA” Poultry Dressing Plant and “AAA” Meat Processing Plant, meeting the strict inspection standards of the National Meat Inspection Service. The continuous monitoring of the company’s equipment, good manufacturing practices and good housekeeping and product quality guarantees our customers the highest standards of quality and food safety.


Quality and food safety are of utmost interest and priorities of the company and this is evident with its high level of biosecurity measures and hygiene conditions in all of its farms and plants.


Extensive monitoring of flock health status is conducted by the Animal Health Group and the Laboratory Department as well as strict monitoring of ‘all in – all out’ system.


The recognitions from various government agencies as well as third party certifying body attest to the effectiveness of the company’s biosecurity measures, hygiene conditions as well as the company’s commitment to food safety and quality.


Under the headship of Mr. Tennyson G. Chen, Bounty Fresh Group of Companies won the prestigious Asian Livestock Industry Award 2009 over other six finalists among Asian livestock producers. This is a significant milestone not only for Bounty Fresh Group of Companies but for the whole country, putting the Philippines in the Asian map as the Asia’s Best in the livestock industry.


Four‐time Winner, Best Meat Establishment “AAA” Poultry Dressing Plant


Winner, Philippine Grand Slam Award for Best Meat Establishment “AAA” Poultry Dressing Plant


Regional Award for Best Meat Establishment “AAA” Meat Processing Plant for two consecutive years


Regional Industrial Ecowatch Awardee Rating of 2nd Green by the Department of Natural Resources


One of the Winners, 2009 Healthy Workplace by the Department of Health


ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System


ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System


ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System


OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System


Marketing and Promotions


Bounty Fresh Group of Companies has become a widely respected player in the poultry industry as the fastest growing and second largest broiler integrator in the country with its chicken products sold nationwide to hotels, restaurants and institutional food companies as well as supermarkets. It has also gone beyond selling the usual complement of dressed chicken products. With its Research and Development Division, Bounty Fresh has developed a line of processed products under the Bounty Fresh brand. The processed business line includes marinated whole chicken and cut ups, strips and nuggets, cold cuts, hotdogs and sausages. The company utilizes well‐trained merchandisers to promote its products in all the supermarkets. It has also gained the reputation of delivering safe fresh chilled chicken products all the time because of its tamper‐evident packaging materials.


The latest thrust for the business is to grow via sales in non‐traditional market channels like the company’s own retail stores. In 2008, Bounty Fresh started its most ambitious project yet – the company’s venture into the food retail business, aiming to own the take‐away segment through its chicken rotisserie outlets by setting up stand‐alone outlets, selling oven roasted marinated chicken variants along with the company’s banner processed meat products, roasted pork belly, dressed chicken and other derivative products. In just two years, with the aggressive promotional efforts poured into the rotisserie outlets, Chooks to go is considered the dominant market leader in the rotisserie business with close to 1000 outlets.