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Innovation as key: Mansmith Interviews CEO Tennyson Chen
July 18, 2014

Well-known marketing guru, Josiah Go of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., posted his interview with Bounty Fresh CEO Tennyson Chen in their website last June 6, 2014. The interview featured key questions that revolve around the strategies and best practices that the company exhibited to be the strong poultry player that it is now.

The interview showed how being an innovator in the poultry industry has paved the way for the success of Bounty Fresh and its retail counterpart, Chooks-to-Go. With the unique selling proposition of “masarap kahit walang sauce”, Chooks-to-Go was the final innovation that completed the farm-to-plate integration of the poultry business of Bounty Fresh. As Mr. Chen stated in the interview, the innovation that was Chooks-to-Go was a proactive strategy to ensure a strong business position despite competition coming from other neighboring countries and even within the country.

The questions also tackled the strategy behind the massive and expansive growth of the Chooks-to-Go outlets, creating an unparalleled chain of chicken rotisseries stores that captured the market with its distinct taste. With focus on superior product and continuous improvement in execution aimed to give the best roasted chicken, Chooks-to-Go became the household name throughout the country.

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