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Oven Roasted Chicken For the Soul
May 29, 2015

The serendipitous start of a beautiful partnership all began when Michael Angelo delivered a talk to the executives of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc., the company of Chooks-to-Go, late January of this year. The talk was about branding and innovation and what it can do to improve the business. Despite the subject being practical, Michael Angelo sprinkled bits of positivism, humor, good values, and inspiration. It was a delightful mix that entertained and at the same time motivated the executives. Such was the effect and familiarity that Michael Angelo had on his audience.


Michael Angelo, fresh out of the seminary, became a sought-after inspirational speaker. His style of motivation is that of inspirational and at the same time entertaining, hence the coined term for his style, “intertainment”. From his humble origins, he’s a living testament to the power of developing your talents and making the most of the opportunities given to you through hard work and perseverance.


Chooks-to-Go, being a familiar community brand that sells quality oven roasted chicken to Filipinos all over the Philippines, imparts a playful combination of humor, values, and inspiration in its every interaction with its customers. This is rooted to the mindset that Chooks-to-Go does more than just sell chicken, but also aims to uplift the Filipino community it is part of. This personality of the brand is a reflection of who Filipinos are; hardworking, has strong values, and laughs despite numerous challenges. 


After meeting Michael Angelo, the company knew that he shared the same perspective with Chooks-to-Go. It was a match made in heaven. And so, after learning more about the brand and its delicious oven roasted chicken, Michael Angelo was quick to jump aboard since he believed in the brand and the brand believed in him. It was the beginning of a partnership that aims to provide and promote freshly-cooked food of the best value in every neighbourhood while uplifting the Filipino spirit. 


The episodes will air every Saturday, 3pm, starting May 30, 2015. Corresponding activities and fun promos will also be posted in the Chooks-to-Go Facebook page. Watch out for the many surprises that Michael Angelo and Chooks-to-Go have in store for you on TV, online and in all Chooks-to-Go outlets nationwide!


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