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BAVI Support Center and Metro Manila Business Center Goes to Bataan!
March 21, 2016

On March 5, 2016, BAVI employees from the Support Center and Metro Manila Business Center, usually seen donning corporate uniforms and hustling in the poultry business, were on a different mission as they wore their comfortable summer outfits: to relax and have fun! Shirts, shorts, slippers, and without a care in the world, BAVI employees came together for the yearly summer outing, this time at Coral View Beach Resort, at Morong, Bataan.


A mix of BAVI employees from the Support Center and the Metro Manila Business Center


The summer outing doubled as a team building of sorts as the Employee Engagement Support team cooked up a fun-filled itinerary that split the whole group into four teams: Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green teams.

BAVI Employee Engagement reps tying team colors on the players


Once the teams were determined and the lines drawn, co-workers and office friends suddenly became rivals and competitors, hungry to compete and emerge victorious over simple summer party games!


Boisterous laughter over the Group Cheering Competition.

The team activities were composed of five legs: Group Cheering Competition, Pass the Message, Find the Flag, Coin Search, and Obstacle Race. Everyone gave their very best in every competition, making the whole “summer teambuilding” all the more exciting from start to finish.

The classic “lusot-sa-ilalim” for the volleyball game losers.

In between the activities, BAVI employees relaxed on the beach, played volleyball games, and of course, enjoyed the delicious food.


Enjoying the home made snacks prepared by BAVI employees themselves, picnic-style!

Going for a swim? Group picture, first!

The weekend-long summer outing was truly one for the books. It gave BAVI employees an opportunity to bond and interact with each other outside of the office. Like a yearly tradition, among the sun, sea, and sand, new employees were welcomed, friendships across departments fostered, and of course, relationships strengthened.
Till next year!

The beautiful Bataan sunset

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