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Bounty Fresh Presents: Feed Thy Eyes!
November 12, 2010

In an effort to reinforce Bounty Fresh as a world-class brand and challenge the conservative view on chicken, Bounty Fresh produced a one-of-a-kind editorial. Dubbed “Feed Thy Eyes”, the article married creativity, fashion, and chicken. Its aim was to showcase chicken beyond its gastronomy, and highlighted the commendatory qualities of Bounty Fresh’s world-class poultry products.

Feed Thy Eyes was a collaboration between up-and-coming lensmen Ago Coronado and Renan Ramirez, and featured the work of stylist Lotho Lotho, makeup maven Qua, and hair experts from Wella Professionals. Subjects included TV personalities IC Mendoza and JC Cuadrado, indie prince Marco Morales, and matinee actor Dion Ignacio, among others.

One of our thrusts this year is to associate brand with the upscale lifestyle and world class standards. With this exhibit, we wanted to transform and showcase our brand and the poultry industry in a more creative medium, which is photography, with, of course, the help of world-class models and photographers.

We want to prove that Bounty Fresh is not just your ordinary chicken company that promotes the brand through traditional activities such as product sampling, promotional bundles or the likes. We believe that we can reach our target market by tapping one of the upscale market’s interests. Thus, we came up with this exhibit,“ Kat Gomez, Bounty Fresh’s assistant brand manager for fresh chicken and processed meats, said of the brand’s unconventional approach to chicken.

The exhibit was held in 2010 at the Nivo Sky Lounge, Lancaster Hotel, Shaw Blvd. in Mandaluyong.