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Chic Moms Club Web Launch at Salon De Ning
May 18, 2011

“I’ve never seen Salon De Ning this packed with people before!” exclaimed Ms. Lea Salonga as she took the stage last May 18, 2011 at the Manila Peninsula. People listened and watched eagerly, their eyes filled with admiration for one of the most well known Filipinos of all time who is also Bounty Fresh’s Ambassador.

Ms. Lea Salonga has graced the launching of the Chic Moms Club website with her presence along with renowned chefs Bruce Lim, Sau Del Rosario, Melissa Sison, David Pardo de Ayala and Jessie Sinscioco. The chefs shared views on the advantages and importance of fresh chicken as well as their personal preferences. They have also imparted tips and their own recipes, which can be viewed on the Chic Moms Club website.



The event went smoothly, from the introduction of the website to the interviews and to the raffle portion where several attendees took home fabulous prizes courtesy of Bounty Fresh. Thanks to the smooth and energetic hosting of Ms. Issa Litton, the excited crowd finally settled down and were wowed at the features and exclusive benefits offered by the Chic Moms Club.

Ms. Kathlene Gomez, the Assistant Brand Manager of Bounty Fresh, was everywhere (in a good way) during the event, hounded by curious reporters and new members of the website. “This event is a celebration of all moms. We understand how moms are generally busy and we know that a one-stop venue such as the website helps in their time management, while providing entertainment and information as well,” proclaimed Ms. Gomez.

Mr. Cheng also took the stage with enthusiasm and together with Ms. Lea Salonga, awarded some of the participants with items that earned by being one of the first Chic Moms Club participants.



The website has definitely made an impact on all kinds of reporters and bloggers and will definitely be something that people will regularly visit whenever internet is available. “I like reading. In between takes, during travels, I make do of the time surfing the net and reading interesting websites and one of those that I regularly visit is the Chic Moms club site. I feel it is constantly updated and it has interesting tidbits of information that is always relevant for moms like travel tips, home and health tips and such.”  Salonga said.