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4 ways to tell if your chicken is fresh
February 10, 2017

Owing in large part to its relatively low cost and fat content, chicken has become an affordable and versatile ingredient that is part of every homemaker’s grocery list. Not only is it Filipino’s favorite go-to poultry product, there are also many ways it can be served—fried, stewed, grilled, or roasted, name it. But whatever recipe or cooking method you end up with, the secret lies in choosing a fresh chicken.

1. Check the chicken’s appearance and packaging When selecting the chicken, always remember to choose the meat with a healthy color and secure packaging. Pink is the color of fresh chicken. Avoid any grayish meat and transparent looking skin, which are signs of old meat left out in the freezer for several days. If buying a whole chicken, check the under wings and thighs. Examine the meat for any tears or signs of rough handling such as cuts, bruises or broken bones.


2. Avoid “bloody” chicken Packed chicken that has a lot of blood is a sign that it is old and has been roughly handled by several people already. It can also mean that meat has been frozen, thawed multiple times and that it has been sitting around the freezer for a while. At all cost, avoid “bloody” chicken because you are only exposing yourself to higher risk of bacterial contamination.


3. Press against the chicken One way to tell if the chicken is fresh is by pressing against it. Fresh chicken has skin that springs back when pressed; if it sinks or feels hard, it’s old chicken meat. Notice if the chicken looks bloated, which is a sign that it has been injected with water to fool customers the chicken is heavier and bigger than it really is. Also, note that fresh chicken should be odorless.


4. Be wary of “freezer burn” Freezer burns appear as gray-brown spots that is usually caused by air reaching the surface of the meat. Any pieces of meat with freezer burn should be cut away as the meat could turn out to be very dry and tasteless when cooked.

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