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A Valentine’s Day treat
March 01, 2017

Valentine’s Day is among the many occasions that is relatable for everyone. It is a day about romantic sweet nothings and of forming relationships. One of the most exciting things about this is the celebration itself.

But February 14 is not only for married couples or those who are in a relationship. It can also be a day to celebrate love with colleagues.

It was a love-filled day for the employees.

This year, Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) Bacolod Business Center has made the celebration fun for its employees – in a relationship and single alike. In a simple party, employees were treated to a fun-filled V Day party.

In keeping with the essence of the occasion, BAVI Bacolod gathered its employees to bond over decorating the office before the party, and over parlor games and good food during the celebration.

Fun times with colleagues

Apart from this, the activity also aimed to foster teamwork and sportsmanship among the employees, especially during the preparation and game time, respectively.

Bonding over good food

BAVI puts is employees’ welfare at the core of its operations. It regularly holds activities that help its employees to grow – emotionally and socially – and develop interpersonal skills.