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BAVI Bacolod Holds Annual Meeting with Business Partners, Awards Top Growers
May 02, 2017

BAVI employees and Bacolod CG partners during the Annual Contract Growers Meeting in Sugarland Hoted, Bacolod City

To keep its business partners updated with the latest trends in poultry industry, Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) recently had its annual contract growers meeting for its business partners in Bacolod Business Center.

The meeting, sponsored by MSD Animal Health, one of BAVI’s partners, was packed with discussions on biosecurity, best practices in raising chickens, and antibiotic-free chicken production.

Dr. Nestor Froyalde of MSD Animal Health speaking before BAVI CG partners

Dr. Nestor Froyalde, Jr., technical manager of MSD Animal Health, shared his expertise on biosecurity measures. He discussed how diseases are spread in poultry houses and how insects like flies can be an indication of unsanitary farms.

Dr. Froyalde also gave simple and easy tips on how diseases can be prevented. He stressed the importance of observing and following standards in poultry house preparation and disinfection.

To further educate CG growers on the proper way of growing chicks in different environments, Dr. Roland Sare, BAVI Assistant Manager for Controlled Environment System Technical Service and Ilocos CG Operations, imparted their observations and learnings from other CG farms and how common problems such as feed spillage and fly infestation can be avoided.

Moreover, Dr. Sare emphasized the importance of comfortable housing, stressing that chicks are the best sensors but humans are the best controllers.

BAVI also took this opportunity to discuss the plans and direction of the company, specifically antibiotic-free chicken (AFC) production which the company started to explore last 2016; and the continuous expansion of its retail brands.

Dr. Irene Limson, epidemiologist, led the discussion on AFC production of BAVI, which is already in place in five select areas across the country. She discussed the difference between antibiotic residue free chicken and AFC; antibiotic resistance; and other company-initiated innovations.

BAVI Senior Vice President Dr. Mark Paderes shared with the attendees what the company is doing to keep pace with the fast-changing and challenging poultry industry— the continuous expansion of its retail brands.

Top 5 CG growers with BAVI Animal Health Group

One of the highlights of the event is the awarding and recognition of top growers that have contributed in the performance of BAVI Bacolod Business Center. The following growers were recognized: Donex Agro Industrial Corporation, Guatelara Farm, Zuluaga Farm, Hinlo Farm and Lopez Farm.

The following also received loyalty awards: Luz Zuluaga, Ricky Montero and Glen Resuma.

The annual contract growers meeting serves as a venue for BAVI and its business partners to exchange ideas; and discuss emerging industry trends and best practices in ensuring quality and safe chicken products.